Driving Abroad

Driving abroad
The network of Budget is composed of approximately 3400 agencies throughout the world. You will always find a Budget agency close of on your premise.

If you intend to rent a vehicle abroad, it is preferable to carry out with the precondition of research in order to familiarize you with the traffic, the specific conditions of circulation, the road legislation ....

For example, in England, control is done with a wheel on the left and not on the right. That could be pertubant if you had never led with a wheel on the right.

When you arrive in your agency, your vehicle will be cleaned, the full of one gasoline carried out and it vehicle will be ready to leave.
For your peace and in order to avoid very possible nuisance with the return, Budget advises you to pay attention to the various following points:
- to raise the various impacts, to ensure stripes on the carrosery and you that they were taken into account at the time of your departure
- check fuel level

You can also ask for council to the Budget personnel to make you the demonstration of the various equipment of the vehicle and to explain you their uses. You will find, however, in all the vehicles, the instruction manuals of the model which you rented.
Budget also advises you to check that you are in possession of a telephone number or a possibility of contact in the event of urgency (breakdowns, accident...)

Last information, make you specify the type of fuel with which the vehicle functions. That will be always preferable with a draining of the tank and a cleaning of the engine.

Have a nice trip !

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