We have all experienced getting lost in a foreign country. Unfamiliar road signs and hard to read maps can only make the situation worse.

Make this a thing of the past by taking a GPS from Budget. Just type in your location and let it help guide you to your holiday destination with ease. We have selected 4 key questions to keep the information about GPS and how you can hire it, simple and succinct. We understand car rental can be difficult and it's our goal to change this by making all our products and services transparent for our customers.

How much does GPS rental cost?

Don't miss our promotional offer on GPS - only 16 Euro per day
We're offering a special price on GPS of only 16,00 Euro per day for Luxembourg car rentals.
Worldwide GPS prices will vary.
Where is GPS available?

GPS is available for rental at all Budget stations across Luxembourg, Europe and Worldwide.
GPS comes in a range of satellite navigation models across the world.